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COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY APPLICATIONS, the FLORIDA BRIGHT FUTURES SCHOLARSHIP and many other scholarships require that graduating high school seniors submit their scores from the American College Test (ACT) and/or the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT).

These nationally recognized tests are administered locally each year. Registration packets are available at all Pinellas County high school guidance offices. Information about dates and locations of the tests are available from school counselors and, for your convenience, dates are also posted below. Some students decide to take the tests two or even three times to try to improve their scores, so it's advisable not to wait until the last few months to begin taking these tests.

You may register to take the ACT:

- by mail using the packet (available from your high school)
- on-line at the ACT web site: http://www.act.org/
- if you are re-registering (to take the test a 2nd or 3rd time) you may register by mail, or on-line.
(On-line registrations require payment using a VISA or MasterCard.)
- register for the ACT test by phone from 8 am until 8 pm, Monday through Friday, Central time. Call: 319-337-1270 (not toll free).
- to access ACT Score Reports, for further info, questions or problems, call: 319-337-1313.

All additional information is available on-line or in the packets available from high school guidance counselors. Please contact the individual school for the exact location within the school.

Click here to go to the ACT home page
The following dates include: U.S. Regular; and (U.S. Late fees apply) . . .

+ September 11, 2010* test date; August 6, 2010 registration deadline; (August 7-20, 2010 late fee required)

+ October 23, 2010 test date; September 17, 2010 registration deadline; (September 18–October 12, 20109 late fee required)

+ December 11, 2010 test date; November 5, 2010 registration deadline; (November 6-19, 2010 late fee required)

+ February 12, 2011** test date; January 7, 2011 registration deadline; (January 8-21, 2011 late fee required)

+ April 9, 2011 test date; March 4, 2011 registration deadline; (March 5-18, 2011 late fee required)

+ June 11, 2011 test date; May 6, 2011 registration deadline; (May 7-20, 2011 late fee required)

Please note the following:

*The September 2010 test date is offered only within the 50 United States and D.C.
**No test centers are scheduled in New York for the February test date.

You may register to take the SAT:

-by mail (using the registration bulletin available at your high school)
-on-line at the SAT web site: www.collegeboard.com
- you may register for an SAT test by calling: 609-771-7600 (not toll free).
- you may also call the College Board offices, for other related information, at 212-713-8000.

All additional information is available on-line or in the packets available from the high school guidance counselors. Please contact the individual school for the exact testing location within the school.

Click here to go to the SAT home page
The following dates include: U.S. Regular; (U.S. Late [late fee applies). . .

+ October 9, 2010 - SAT & Subject Tests; September 10, 2010 registration deadline; (September 24, 2010 late fee applies)

+ November 6, 2010 - SAT & Subject Tests; October 8, 2010 registration deadline; (October 22, 2010 late fee applies)

+ December 4, 2010 - SAT & Subject Tests; November 5, 2010 registration deadline; (November 19, 2010 late fee applies)

+ January 22, 2011 - SAT & Subject Tests; December 23, 2010 registration deadline; (January 7, 2011 late fee applies)

+ March 12, 2011* - SAT only; February 11, 2011 registration deadline; (February 25, 2011 late fee applies)

+ May 7, 2011 - SAT & Subject Tests; April 8, 2011 registration deadline; (April 22, 2011 late fee applies)

+ June 4, 2011 - SAT & Subject Tests; May 6, 2011 registraton deadline; (May 20, 2011 late fee applies)

Please note the following:

*On March 12, 2011 only the SAT is offered.

ACT Study Help - Online
Test preparation and study help for the ACT can be found at the link listed above. There is also a "Preparing for the ACT" booklet in the test packet to practice with ahead of time.

The ACT test is curriculum-based, measuring the knowledge and skills students have developed over all their years in school. It includes English, Math, Reading, Science and Writing. While this test has a variety of levels of difficulties for the questions and problems, students should anticipate handling this test's fast pace.

St. Petersburg College Lifelong Learning Center - SAT Study Help
If you wish to prepare for SAT (or the GRE and other tests for graduate work), the link above for St. Petersburg College Lifelong Learning Center offers a schedule of dates, times, number of classes, locations, and fees for academic test prep courses. To sign up for a class, call the Lifelong Learning Center at: 727-341-3184.

The SAT test consists of a Verbal section, a Math section and a Writing section. The math and verbal sections each have their own distinct question types, including quantitative comparisons, sentence completions, grid-ins, and more.

Batch of Pencils For More Detailed Differences between ACT and SAT - please click here

Quick note:
While the Financial Aid office is NOT associated with the ACT, SAT, or AP - you may wish to contact Ms. Howell at 727-588-6013 with general questions in regard to how these tests affect the Florida Bright Futures scholarships.


How Do I Enroll?
Once you've decided to take the AP challenge it's easy to enroll.
Talk to an AP teacher or the AP Coordinator at your school about the course you want to take. Discuss the course's workload and any preparation you might need.

If you are a home schooled student or attend a school that doesn't offer AP, you can still participate. Each year hundreds of students participate through independent study. Some states even sponsor online AP courses.

AP Fees & Calendar Exam Dates
Please keep in mind that these fees and dates change from school year to school year.

Leather Day Planner Quick note: Please contact your school guidance office and/or AP teacher for more information about the AP exams and the AP test dates.

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